Age verification system

Made easy : an online age verification solution offers a simple, easy-to-use application for verifying age online.
With just a few clicks, it allows to verify the age of the person who wishes to access certain sites restricted to minors.
Three methods of age verification are available : facial recognition (selfie), ID documents verification (ID card, passport, or driver's license), or credit card verification.
For the selfie verification, utilizes the smartphone camera or computer webcam to assess the user's age through artificial intelligence. If the detected age is too close to the legal age, another verification method is suggested.

Easy to use thanks to webcam and easy integration for your site.

The age verification system (AVS) using a selfie with the smartphone camera or computer webcam is the simplest, most effective, and fastest solution. It takes less than 15 seconds to verify a person's age through facial recognition.
With its API, the age verification solution can easily integrate into your website, either on a new page (with a callback URL to return to your site) or as an overlay for optimal integration.

Personal data are protected by double anonymization.
No personal data is collected is an age verification system that respects privacy.
No data is transmitted or stored : the information is stored locally on your device and deleted after verification. acting as a trusted third-party intermediary, this online age verification system adheres to the principle of double anonymity.
No tracking cookies are installed on the smartphone or computer.
There is no risk of hacking, data leakage on the web, or marketing exploitation by third-party companies. is the cheapest solution on the market

No setup fees
No monthly fees
A single fee of 0.03 EUR per verification is also available as open source on github.

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